RF9 | Wren – How a First Kiss Created a 14,000% Increase in Sales

Melissa Coker - Wren - Refashion.co
Melissa Coker - Wren - Refashion.co Podcast

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Melissa Coker is the founder of Wren, a women’s apparel company, and creative consultant for outside brands. The viral Fall 14 marketing campaign, First Kiss, she created for Wren’s Fall 14 collection was named the most successful fashion film of all time and called “Marketing Genius” by AdNews.

Melissa is an apparel industry entrepreneur, creative director, and in-the-trenches strategic marketer with broad industry and media experience. Native content disruptor with over a decades worth of senior level leadership experience in the apparel and media industries.

“First Kiss is about communicating a spirit and a vibe, and explaining through imagery what the brand is about,” says Melissa.

Podcast Deep Dive

  • Marketing your clothing collection (3:44)
  • Style.com Video Fashion Week as an alternative to physically showing at NY, Milan, London or Paris Fashion Week at a fraction of the cost (5:10)
  • Whiteboarding Wren’s strategy behind First Kiss (9:08)
  • Creating a powerful context behind your strategy (11:11)
  • Thoughts on shoppable video (14:58)
  • Storytelling as your brand strategy (17:40) “Shoppable video is the next step for all of entertainment.”
  • Wren marketing initiatives that weren’t as engaging as expected (21:27)
  • Wren’s next big marketing initiative (24:43)
    Wren Studio - Melissa Coker - Refashion.co
    Interesting Goodies:

  • Melissa used to work in editorial with top fashion magazines like Vogue
  • Wren was founded with a collection she created made from silhouettes that she really wanted and couldn’t find in the market.
  • The brand is named after Jenny Wren, a winsome little creature who makes dresses for dolls in Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend.
  • LA based label
  • Melissa loves getting lost in Pinterest
  • Instagram accounts Melissa digs: Funky of Fish and Clare Vivier
  • Wren Studio - Melissa Coker - Refashion.co

    How to Engage With Emotional Content

    1. Authentic, engaging, emotional content shares
    2. Be as out of the box as possible
    3. Create a world for your customer to live into
    4. Exercise the muscle of putting things out into the world and seeing what comes back from it
    5. Keep trying and testing
    6. Create a story so people can carry your message – “How many stories can I create in my lookbooks so people can continue to spread my message?”
    7. Subtlety is your friend – “You don’t need to be loud and hit people over their heads with your message. If your content is strong, people will find your message and feel more engaged.”

    Melissa Coker - Wren - Refashion Podcast
    Quotes from Melissa:

    “It’s about being nimble, lean and creative with the resources at hand.”

    “If you have emotional, engaging content, people will want to share it.”

    “My only strategy is to do things differently and creatively, and if something doesn’t work, try something new.”

    “If ads are becoming so interesting that you can’t distinguish between an ad or entertainment, I think that’s great news.”

    “I don’t want to see a slowmo close up of a top or skirt. To me that is so boring and irrelevant. I want to tell a story.”

    “More shots on goal means more goals.”

    “Emotional content is the ultimate engager.”

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