Your New Muse is World’s First ‘Thinkable’

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    Muse: Brainwave reading headband

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    Six sensors on the forehead and behind the ears detect brain waves all around the parts of the brain responsible for speech, critical thought, and listening

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    $299, however, one device can support up to five smartphones and tablets)

Most entrepreneurs will heartily agree that a calm mind is most often further away than the moon itself, especially in the early days. In between meetings, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, Feedly, Google Hangouts, YouTube, podcasts, soccer games, showering, cooking dinner, washing yesterday’s dishes and walking the dog, there’s hardly enough time to kick up the heels, let alone take a few much needed minutes to chill out. If this is you, we may have found your newest muse.

Muse — the first consumer-focused headband that helps you to calm your mind so that you’re not stuck on the things that pull you away from the work you want to do, the people you want to spend time with and the things you want to think about and do. The Muse’s one and only goal, for the moment: To look at your brain activity and help you stop thinking so damn much. Thank you!

The Bluetooth-connected Muse headset sits across your forehead and works in conjunction with its iOS and Android app called Calm, and according to Venture Beat, Muse is the most important wearable of 2014.

Muse headsets wirelessly sends data to your smartphone or tablet

You need only use it for three minutes a day, and according to Mashable’s Chris Taylor, it is meditation as a game — but not any kind of obnoxious, overwrought game. It’s blissfully simple and has great repeatability.

Chris and his wife gave Muse for a test drive and he explains that Muse begins with a soothing voice that asks you to think of three categories of objects, such as fruits or musical instruments, in quick succession and then takes you through a three-minute meditation session. When you’re calm and focused on your breath, you’ll hear the sound of breaking waves. If thoughts start to crowd into your head, you’ll hear a gust of wind — not like gale-force wind, just enough to nudge you back to the quietness of simply breathing. When it’s over, you get to see how much of the time your brain spent in three categories: Active, neutral and calm. If you’re very lucky and extremely calm, you’ll hear the sound of birds — the more Zen, the more birds.

Ariel Garten, Founder and CEO of InteraXon, wearing Muse

Ariel Garten, Founder and CEO if InteraXon, explains that Muse helps you improve your cognitive function, relieve stress, and even helps you understand your emotional reaction to the world – allowing you to become much more responsive rather than reactive.

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